Complications & Safety

The benefits of LLETZ for cervical cancer outweigh the risks involved. It’s also perfectly normal to experience emotional effects as a result of the procedure.

General complications include the following:

Vaginal bleeding


Unusual vaginal discharge


LLETZ (Large Loop Excision of the Transformation Zone)

LLETZ referred to as a large loop excision of the transformation zone, is a medical procedure that involves the resection of a large portion of the cervix. LLETZ is a standard procedure to treat abnormal cervical cell changes or the onset of early-stage cervical cancer.

This medical procedure involves the use of an electrically charged wire loop to remove the affected part of the cervix.

LLETZ Procedure

You will be asked to lie flat on the examination couch, which will be adjusted according to your comfort level. Like cervical screening, Dr Bryant will place the sterilised speculum into the vagina to keep it open. Then, she injects a local anaesthetic into the cervix so you don't feel pain.

The cervix remains numb while Dr Bryant uses the wire loop to remove the damaged part of the cervix that contains the cancer cells. During the procedure, you can anticipate a burning smell and a dull noise like something coming from a vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, you will not feel pain, only slight pressure, as Dr Bryant uses the wire to cut the affected tissue and a tiny surgical instrument to seal the incision.

After removing the affected tissue and cancerous cells, Dr Bryant transfers the samples and a healthy tissue border to the laboratory for a detailed analysis to check that all the cancerous cells have been removed or the cervical cancer is completely eradicated.

What to Expect After LLETZ

Bleeding is to be expected once the anaesthetic wears off. Dr Bryant advises wearing a period pad until the bleeding stops. However, you must not put anything into the vagina, such as a menstrual cup or tampon.


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When should I follow up with Dr Bryant after LLETZ?

Regular follow-ups should be between six to twelve months. The time of these appointments depends on the reason for LLETZ, either for abnormal cervical cells being present or as a result of cervical cancer.

Is LLETZ painful?

You can anticipate pain for up to four weeks after the procedure. However, pain can be managed with prescription medication.

Can LLETZ remove HPV?

LLETZ aims to eradicate unusual (cancerous) cells and HPV. A follow-up is vital to ensure HPV has not returned.

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